To be seen.

Two years ago I was tired, unmotivated and many days that I simply could not adult. Wine was my drug of choice and I would fall into a bottle after the kids went to sleep. It was a continuous cycle. Until one day at my annual doctors visit I explained my lack of energy and their answer was a prescription. I took the tiny sheet of paper and sat in the drugstore parking lot crying and praying that this was not the answer. I didn't go in the store that day but rode around with that tiny piece of paper for 3 days.

I knew that this pill was not the answer but was I really ready to do the work? I tore that tiny piece of paper into a million pieces swore I would never find peace in anything other than my Divine and hard work. 

I began to make small changes in my nutrition and exercise. I began to reinvent my relationship with food and becoming more aware of what I am putting in my body.

To be know.

August 15, 2015 was the day I woke up. I surrendered to the process and to the work. This journey was mine and mine alone. No one could do the work but me. Is still a struggle? Daily. Is it easy? Nope. It is worth it? Absolutely.

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