Georgia bred. North Carolina living.



Your position has been terminated.

Not the words you are ready to hear when a position you have held for almost 10 years is taken away. It has been, well, shall I dare say, HELL the past few weeks. (Sorry Nana!)

Now that I have some form of clarity and the tears are only every other day. I can actually form sentences and start to make since out of everything that has happened. I have sat down to write the past few nights and still could not form a straight sentence. This. Is. Hard.

I never talked about my "full time" job much, well, because I often times did not believe that role really defined who I was. I carry many titles but the ones that I am most proud of are...




Hope Dealer.

You see, I was granted the spiritual gift of encouragement. This gift gets me up everyday. This gift excites me. Without a doubt in my soul, God removed my "safety net' and is forcing me to fly and use the spiritual gift he granted me in a way I only use to dream about. So now I celebrate.

I celebrate my 35th birthday.

I celebrate a man who loves me unconditionally and still gives me all the feels.

I celebrate my precious children and the gift of health.

I celebrate time freedom.

Most of all I celebrate the #JesusYear that begins TODAY. 

Stick around, you are going to want to see this all unfold. I pray that I encourage you along the way. 



Warm Brown Rice & Quinoa Salad With Roast Pumpkin & Kale

Warm Brown Rice & Quinoa Salad With Roast Pumpkin & Kale