Georgia bred. North Carolina living.

11 Years.

11 Years.

How in the hell has it been 11 years?

As I sit here typing, I have a kid in my lap. 

5AM. #babbydaddy is still sleeping.

Life looks completely different than it did 11 years ago.

Life was all about me 11 years ago. What I wanted. My time. My money. My future.

I had been burned too many times by boys and I was done.

It is funny how life happens. The Divine happens.

So how did we get here? Georgia girl who always thought she would stay close to home and life would be nothing like what it looks like today.

Well here is the story.

This Georgia girl packed her bags and left everything familiar for the HOT city of Columbia, South Carolina. In a pity of rage, I applied for a University where I knew NO ONE. I left the familiar environment of nursing classes, 3 years of college credit to start over. A completely different path of sports and entertainment business. 

You must attend a NASCAR event and learn the ins and outs of the sport for class credit. 

Well shit. That is exactly how I want to spend my weekend. I travelled to a state where I had one mutual friend.

My first NASCAR experience was a little more than your average experience. I flew into the track via helicopter. See. Told you, not your normal experience. 

During my tour, my mutual friend introduced me to a red faced guy who was quiet and smelled like gasoline. He was sweet but I wasn't interested. We traded numbers before the night was over and I expected not to hear from him again. 

The next week we were push together by tragedy. You see our mutual friend died on a plane to Martinsville that next weekend. I never would have met Brian. 

Seven months passed and he asked me to marry him then one year and two months after we first met, I became his wife.

I share all of this because life never happens the way we have it all planned out. We can list the steps of life and attempt to stick with the plan but the Divine always wins.

Marrying a man I barely knew was hard. I was scared as shit to leave everything that was familiar, home. But it was the best damn thing I have ever done.

Marriage ain't easy.

Parenting ain't easy.

But when you intentionally choose each other, daily. Serve one another. Give and take. Life turns out to be one hell of a ride.

Happy Anniversary B. Thank you for choosing and love me. All of me. 

New Year New YOU!

New Year New YOU!