Confession time. For years I compared myself to people I admired. People who seemed to be doing everything I dreamed of doing — writing, speaking, traveling the world and using their gifts to make a real contribution to others. If you’ve ever done this, you know how miserable it makes you feel.

I imagined these “successful” people had all these resources that I didn’t. Things like more money, better connections, superhuman focus— Thankfully, I had a much needed wake-up call. (Thank you Jesus!)

Once I stopped wasting time and energy getting sucked into what I now call “comparison hangovers” and I started taking consistent action, I realized something monumental.  

I already had everything I needed to turn my life around. 

At the most basic level I had food, running water and a roof over my head. Something billions of other humans still don’t have. Most importantly, I had heart. I had hunger. I had the willingness to commit to a higher standard of living, to learn new things, to work hard and never give up. I believe you have that too. I know with every fiber of my being that...God has given you everything it takes to actualize your deepest and truest potential. It doesn’t matter how much time, money or experience you think you lack — you were born with everything you need to reach your highest creative possibility. 

My goal of this space is to empower you. Share my stories, struggles and triumphs in hopes that a fire becomes ignited in you... with a little laughter along the way. Take off the mask of perfectionism, my friend, and embrace the life you were designed to live!